Yahoo deleted all my emails !

I had created yahoo account way back when I was doing engineering. It was primarily used to forward and receive funny emails and class assignment files. I used to login once in a while, this email has always been my backup email.

After lot of time (certainly after 12 months ) I logged in to yahoo to find out all my emails are gone. Firstly I thought it still syncing, like outlook program but then I though, this is not a desktop application which needs to be synced. I have logged into their website but still I could see zero emails in inbox and zero emails in sent folder.

I thought something is wrong, I  tried reloading but nothing changed. Then I sent test email from my other email account and after few seconds, I could see my inbox has one email. So this certainly not an issue with the loading of email.

That’s when I googled to find an horrifying fact. Yahoo has deleted all emails from users who has not logged in for over a 12 months !

They think account is abandoned if someone has not logged in for 12 month.

Well, its free account and they can do whatever they want but at least I expected an email on my back up email saying my account will be deleted since I have not logged in for 12 months and asking me to take corrective action. I got it from dropbox in similar scenario

You can refer to this link for more information.

Yes, I checked by back up email box and I don’t see any notification before yahoo deleted my email box !.

Over the period of time, I created many email IDs and I deleted or stopped using many of those which I though were unnecessary but never ever I though to give up my Yahoo account. I was like me bench-marking stone on internet. This account was special to me because it was first email that I created and It had lot of my old emails from my buddies. But now, without data this email is no longer special. Thanks Yahoo for helping me make this decision to give up this account itself.

I guess this is adios Yahoo.


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