Step by step guide to address Data Science problem

Varied skills are required for addressing any data problems, Let us see process to address any data problem.

Someone who is approaching a data representation problem might get stuck at many stages during analysis and if proper methodologi is not followed, the whole problem analysis might get screwed up.

Ben Fry’s dissertation on Computational Information Design (2004)  (freely available to download) , provides step by step approach to address this problem. He recommends following

  1. acquire – the matter of obtaining the data, whether from a file on a disk or from a source over a network.
  2. parse – providing some structure around what the data means, ordering it into categories.
  3. filter – removing all but the data of interest.
  4. mine – the application of methods from statistics or data mining, as a way to discern patterns or place the data in mathematical context.
  5. represent – determination of a simple representation, whether the data takes one of many shapes such as a bar graph, list, or tree.
  6. refine – improvements to the basic representation to make it clearer and more visually engaging.
  7. interact – the addition of methods for manipulating the data or controlling what features are visible

Here is graphical representation of the same

While working on any problem you need to move between stages as below



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