Learning React

React is not like Angular where many decisions are already made for you. In React, you have to make many decisions. Also, learning react means you need to learn multiple components like react-router, Redux etc.

This could be overwhelming and it could get you confused. So I decided to take a step by step approach to learn React.

Step#1 : Learning Path

  • Learn ES6 (At least overview and few concept like map and reduce)
  • What is React
  • JSX
  • Virtual DOM
  • Rendering
  • Components
  • Props
  • State
  • Event handling
  • Routing
  • Redux

Step#2 : Resources : getting started

There are tons of material and don’t confuse yourself with these. Stick to Most reliable and widely use approach and chances of distraction will be very less.

Step#2 : Resources : advanced (to be updated)

This is no way complete list and I will keep updating it as and when I find relevant material. If you have come across any good material, please let me know.


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