Getting started with Python Tutorial

Although I know python and I have automated many tasks using it, many times i feel I am using very crude programming. I had self learned python couple of years back. While programming,If I get stuck, I am resorting patch up kind of fixes to get something working.

This is not just impacting performance of program but also time spent on figuring out how to do something, this is besides not following well proven method of writing python programs. I rarely use python functions and most of my code is sequential and many times it gets repeated at multiple places.

Secondly when I learned python, debate between python 2 vs python 3 was not well settled and I had decided to play safe by sticking with python 2. Now python 3 has been well adopted by industry and academia. I can take this opportunity to make shift from python 2 to python 3 as well.

Considering this I have decided to spend this weekend brushing my python knowledge along with pandas, numpy, scipy, matplotlib etc.

Here are the resources that I am planning to use.
1. Code Academy Python course
2. Code Academy : Learn Pandas: Creation and Manipulation
3. Code Academy : Learn Pandas: Aggregates
4. Code Academy : Learn Pandas: Working with Multiple Tables
5. Code Academy : Learn NumPy: Introduction
6. Code Academy : Learn NumPy: Basic Statistics
7. Code Academy : Learn: Matplotlib
8. Code Academy : Learn: Hypothesis Testing
7. Python For Everybody: Exploring Data in Python 3

If you don’t like code academy courses you can do free course on Coursera.
8. Python for Everybody Specialisation

Another useful course on Coursera is Introduction to Data Science in Python

I will keep adding as and when I find any further good resources.
So lets get started…

For easy reference, I have created notes for myself. You can refer to these as well.
1. Python : Variables, Operators, Expressions And Statements
2. Python : Data Types
3. Python : Functions
4. Python : Loops And Iteration
5. Python : datetime
6. Python : Working With Pandas

Here are some other sources.

  1. Automate the boring stuff

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