Learning JavaScript

There are tons of material on internet to learn JavaScript and each has its own style and different target audience and it might confuse you. Also, reading online tutorials makes you think that you ‘know’ the language now but when you get down to code, you don’t recall anything and this makes learning experience very frustrating experience.

Whatever may be your intentions behind getting started with JavaScript, you can use following method to learn JavaScript.


Start with CodeAdacemy’s interactive JavaScript tutorial. This is he best way to get your hands dirty.


Start Reading Eloquent JavaScript. You can read this book online. But if you like to read the hard copy of the book, you can purchase it from here

You can read this book for free online at eloquentjavascript.net


Other best online sources of learning JavaScript are as below:


Once you are comfortable on JavaScript, please read JavaScript: The Good Parts by Douglas Crockford

Don’t just stop here, during anypoint in your learning phase you should watch following videos by Duglas Crackford.




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