How to make background of an image transparent using gimp

When I was creating logo for one of my website, I faced an problem with logo background. No matter what I do, background stayed white and it looked out of sync whenever page had any other colour than white. But his is not a big issue, by using GIMP we can easily change background to transparent  and this takes hardly five minutes. Follow along below steps

Step#1 Add an alpha channel

You can add alpha channel two ways

Right click on image  Layer → Transparency → Add Alpha Channel


From main menu Layer → Transparency → Add Alpha Channel

Step#2 Bucket fill with colour

Select “Bucket fill” option from “Toolbox” or simple use Shift+B
select Fill transparent areas
select BG colour fill and Sample merged
choose color and fill it. Make sure you select color which is not present in the image because we can going to make these areas as transparent

Step#3 Select by color

From menu  choose “select–>by color”

select Fill transparent areas as well as Sample merged.
You don’t have to select apply Antialiasing nor Feather edges.
then click on the color that you want to replace

GIMP how to make image background transparent
GIMP how to make image background transparent
Step#4 Make it transparent.

This is final and simplest stage. Simple press “delete” key and it will make your image background transparent.

Please let me know if you faced any issues wile doing this.



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