How to Launch Task Manager on Ubuntu

When I started using ubuntu, one of the windows feature that I missed most is task manager. Simply click Ctrl+Alt+Del to start task manager and do the require activity.

Here is the way to get simillar functionality on ubuntu.

Ubuntu does have its own task manager. You can activate it by following command


Try it yourself and see the output.

Now we need to assign keyboard shortcut to invoke system monitor aka task manager. This can be set by System Settings -> Keyboard.

Click on Shortcut and add shortcut name and in command add name ‘gnome-system-monitor’ without quotes.

Once done, newly created shortcut be found in Custom Shortcuts. click on the task force and it will request for the shortcut to be used. You can use whichever shortcut you want, I prefer to use Ctrl+Alt+Del.

And you are done. If any application is stuck or you want to see the system performance, just click Ctrl+Alt+Del.


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