How to Install Google Fonts on Ubuntu

Google Fonts large collection and different types of fonts. These can be used not just for your websites but also on your desktop/Laptop as well.

And yes, google officially allows downloading and install google fonts on your computer. Please follow along.

Step#1 Download required google fonts

Go to Google fonts home page and click on + sign of the font that you would like to download.


Once you select require font, it will get added to selected font window(just like shopping cart). Click on the window header to open it fully. In this article we will try to install font called as “Lora”. Selection window will open something like below.

Click on download sign on right hand upper corner to download the files. It will download a zip file “”

Step#2 :Unzip and Install the Google Font

Now extract the zip file. Once you double click on the TTF (TrueType Fonts) or OTF (Open Type Fonts) file, it will open with Font Viewer. Click on install at right hand upper corner.

Note: Downloaded and unzipped folder will contain Lora-Bold.ttf, Lora-BoldItalic.ttf, Lora-Italic.ttf and Lora-Regular.ttf. You need to install all files individually.

You installation is complete, “install” buttom at top right will get changed to “Installed”

Now open and application like Libre Office or GIMP and you will be able to access the installed fonts

Another way to install the fonts ?

The fonts that you have installed are kept at following location


If you want to install a font using command prompt or want to install multiple fonts, simple move fonts files to this folder (either manually from GUI or from terminal) and it will be accessible in your application.


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