How to Deploy Ghost blog on Heroku

Please find below simple steps to deploy your ghost blog on Heroku for free.

  • Download zip file from Ghost blog
  • Unzip it in local folder
  • Go to the unzipped folder using command line and run following commands:
npm init  
npm install  

This will install all dependent modules. Once its done intiate a local Git repository using following command

git init  
  • Now is the time to create your heroku application using following command
heroku create`  
  • Cross check if application is created by using following command
git remote -v  
  • Add postgresql database using following command
heroku addons:add heroku-postgresql:hobby-dev`  

You can get the details of the database using following command

heroku config  

Database is creating using following convention.

  • Now you are all set, just push these changes to Heroku cloud by using following commands.
git add .  
git commit -am "make it better"  
git push heroku master  
  • Go to your heroku account and your Ghost blog is ready for usage.

Additional steps:
If you have a domain name which you want to use for your blog, Heroku allows you to use it even for free account. Use following command to add domain.

heroku domains:add  

Cross check if domain name is added correctly using following command:

heroku domains  

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