How to add text on image using Python

As a part of image processing, we sometimes need to write text on the image file. Pillow is a python library which can be used to add text on images using python. Using Pillow, which us a fork of PIL, is very easy for these kind of image processing activities.

Let us have a look at adding simple text on image file.

Please note that text location is determined by parameter position, its tuple with two parameters and it represents x and y axis position. In below example I have used position = (50, 50).

Now if you are wondering what these values represent, these are pixel numbers with (0,0) being top left corner.  If you image size is (640, 480) and you want to put any character exactly at center, you need to provide position as (320,240). Hope this clarifies the parameter

Here is the output

As you can see the text added does not look good sine we have not added any formatting to text.  Now let us look at formatted text  on image. Here is program with additional parameters for font

Here we have added two additional parameters, font and color, you can plan your desired font into font directory and can use it for adding text to image file.

Note: I tried using this for non english text e.g. devnagari text but it did not work.

Here is the output.


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