How to add Drop Caps in WordPress without using any plugins

WordPress has plugins for anything that you need to do. Even if you don’t know any coding, you can create wonderful website, however, adding too many plugins clutter your WordPress website.

Also, having too many plugins can cause slowness in your WordPress website and some plugins can misbehave because of interfernce from some other plugin.

Having dropcaps is very basic requirement and I dont think you need to use plugin for this. You can simply copy past following css in Customize->Additional CSS

div.entry-content p:first-child:first-letter {
color: inherit;



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  1. If the first content in your post is something other than text, this fails because the CSS doesn’t realize that your image or audio link isn’t text, and tries to apply the CSS to that.

    Any tips on finding the first *textual* content with CSS? I’m thinking it’s not possible, but hate the idea of being stuck always shifting my images to the second paragraph in order to implement lovely drop caps (though we do things for art, eh?)

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