How to Add a Favicon to Your WordPress Blog

Favicon gives website a professional look. Most of the reputed websites use facicon and its displayed in browser as below:

Another reason for adding favicon is that it makes your website more trsutful. Adding favicon in WordPress is very easy.

Step#1 Decide the Favicon

Favicon can be logo, character or any image that would be your websites identity. Mostly favicons are websites logo.

Step#2 Upload favicon to WordPress website

Go to Appearance–> Customise–>Site Identity

Here, click on Change image, select whichever image you have finalised in Step#1 and click on Publish.

Thats all, you websites favicon/identity is updated


Even after publishing favicon was not getting updated for me.I opened website in another tab, still issue persisted. To refresh favicon follow following steps

  1. Hover over tab
  2. Right Click
  3. Select reload
  4. Your favicon should now be refreshed



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