Django admin CSS or static file not working [Solved]

You might have came across a situation where your application works perfectly fine on local machine but when deployed to production, everything works except admin section, technically it functions as expected but it does not have CSS. Why this happens ?

If you want to recreate this problem, just following in from True to False.

DEBUG = False
This happens because you application is not able to load css files for admin  functionality. To address this problem, please follow below mentioned steps.

Step#1 collectstatic

First you need to create a folder called static in your project root directory, then run below command
$python3.6 collectstatic.
This will move admin css files under static folder. You can see new folder created under static folder called admin. This folder will have admin view related css, js , fonts, img.
You might wonder where were these files before ? these were server from site-packages folder of Django. You dont need to dig details here, but if you want you can.

Step#2 Change server config.

When you are running, runserver, you are running development server and it does a lot of things for you, including serving of static files but in production, Django expects that the static files will be served by your serer.

This is not difficult at all, just have below changes done to your nginx server config.

server {

    location / {
        include uwsgi_params;
        uwsgi_pass unix:/run/uwsgi/domainname.sock;

    location /static {                        # add this
       alias /var/www/domainname/static;      # add this
    }                                         # add this


if you are hosting django application using uwsgi and NGINX, this will work for you. I am not sure about gunicorn server. You can check post deploying django with uwsgi and nginx for deployment of your application to server.

First make sure you application is working on production server and then work on to make admin successfully.¬† Deploying Django to server has its own challenges, don’t make it more complicated by adding this change too. Attack problems one at a time.

Please let me know if you faced any issue while getting this working.


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