How to Configure D-link 2750u with BSNL

My previous wifi connector was having issues and it was getting disconnected multiple times and it was really frustrating so I thought to change my wifi router. Changing wifi router was not cakewalk as I though it would be. Please find below steps to be followed for configuring D-Link 2750 with BSNL.


Connect your wifi router with LAN cable. Use LAN 1 to connect to your laptop and type following ip in browser window.
It will open following window


Login using default username and password. Default username and password are as below:
username: admin
password: admin
Once your login is completed, you will find following screen.


Click on setup vizard and it will show you steps to be followed for the set up

Do not change anything on 1st screen, just click next:


ISP ( in this case BSNL) specific changes
1. For BSNL VCI its 32. You can enter these values. If you want to cross check these values or you are using some other ISP, click on Scan and it will provide values for VPI and VCI.
2. In the below box use the user id and password provided by your ISP.


Select required security level. If you selecet none, you will be vulnerable to eavesdropping.


On 4th screen you can reset your admin password but its not mandatory and you can skip it


On 5th screen, it will show all settings before applying these. You can go back and change the settings if required or click on apply and go ahead with it.

Just restart your router and connect to your wifi and you are all set. If you encountered any error, please let me know.


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