Basic SEO for WordPress

In this article we will look at basic SEO setup for WordPress website. Once you have installed WordPress, you would be looking to announce your web page to the world but problem is how ?

There are many ways to do this, you can pay Google or Facebook to display your page to targeted users (aka advertisement) but there is nothing like your content getting displayed to the users for free.

Having great content just is not the only requirement, you need to follow some basic steps to make sure your content is reaching target audience. Please follow below mention check points. This is not by any means must do list but most of the points are desirable and they will help you get more eyeballs.

  • Add google analytics to WordPress
  • Add WordPress website to google webmaster
  • Add WordPress  website to Bing webmaster
  • Add sitemap.xml ( Use Google XML Sitemaps plugin). Once sitemap is generated, make sure this is submitted to google and Bing webmaster. Once you add it in webmaster, it will be in pending status till its processed.
  • Add robots.txt file – You don’t need to login to your server to place robots.txt file. If you are using yoast SEO plugin got to Tools–>File Editor. Here you can create robots.txt file if its not already created. If its already created, you can edit the same.
  • Check for mobile friendliness

  • Make your website secure. You can add encryption using easy encrypt
  • Check website speed using following tool

  • Minify CSS and JS files by using plugin Fast Velocity Minify
  • Add a caching pluging to speed up your page . W3 Total Cache

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